Business Accounting PLR Lists

Business Accounting PLR Lists

Make Bookkeeping a Breeze for Your Readers with

Business Accounting PLR Lists

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A perfect addition to any business related product or service. Your readers/customers can print them out and fill them in with their own business bookkeeping details. Suggest they put them all together and create (or add to) a Business Bookkeeping Binder. They simply fill in the details each month and at the end of the year, taxes (whether they do them or they have an accountant) will be a breeze.

Buy this 25 lists pack for only $15.

Lists Included in this PLR Pack:

1.    General Business Expenses (Deductions)
2.    Paypal Report (Sales/Expenses)

3.    Advertising
4.    Commission & Fees
5.    Interest
6.    Legal & Professional Services
7.    Office Expenses
8.    Rent or Lease of Equipment
9.    Rent or Lease of Property
10.    Repairs & Maintenance
11.    Supplies
12.    Taxes & Licenses
13.    Travel
14.    Meals & Entertainment (50%)
15.    Meals & Entertainment (100%)
16.    Utilities
17.    Wages (Employees or Contractors)
18.    _________ (Fill in the Blank Expense Sheet)

19.    Sales
20.    Interest
21.    ________ (Fill in the Blank Income Sheet)


22.    Budget Worksheet
23.    Home Office Expense Worksheet
24.    Expenses Worksheet
25.    Mileage Log

Sample Lists Screenshots

Business Accounting PLR Lists Business Accounting PLR Lists

Grab your 25 Business Accounting PLR Lists Package for $15

Download Immediately Available in  a zipped file including Microsoft Word .doc & .pdf (Adobe Reader) formats! 

Money Back Guarantee:If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money within 60 days from the date of purchase. However, due to the nature of private label rights content and the fact it can be used even after a refund has been made, we ask that you NOT buy from us in the future if you have received a refund in the past. If you have any questions please contact us here.

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